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Help Germantown High School Bands Purchase New Instruments
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Welcome and Thank you for considering to help the Germantown High School Band! Our goal is to raise funds to begin the process replace aging and broken instruments and equipment. This includes school owned instruments like french horns, euphoniums, tubas, saxophones, marching percussion, mallet percussion, and marching brass. To begin replacing these instruments, we're hoping to raise $30,000 or more. Any contributions, no matter how big or small, will go a long way to help us reach our goal.

The Germantown High School Band's comprehensive music program has provided years of high caliber performances, including concert ensembles, chamber ensembles, marching band shows, and solo or small group performances. However, most of our instruments are now approaching 20 years, or more, old. Of these instruments, many are damaged/broken, undersized, or even in complete disrepair. Our students cannot achieve their full musical potential with the instruments available to them; instruments that often don’t have complete functionality or are the improper size for a high school students.

Many of these instruments were purchased prior to both of the current directors. The directors, old and new, have done what we can to repair instruments, but it’s becoming far too costly due to the age of the instruments, many of which are two or three models old. Within recent years, we've also had to resort to renting instruments we can't afford to purchase. Any contributions will help to purchase new equipment to allow our students to continue to progress musically!

This fundraiser is sponsored by the Warhawk Band Boosters. Both the boosters and the Germantown School District do a lot to support the arts in Germantown, including financially. We are hoping to help offset costs as we look to make these larger investments for the future opportunities of our students.