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Help University of South Florida Winterguard get to World Championships
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 Our organization has the opportunity to perform and compete at World Championships this April, 2018!

We are in need of a charter bus that would be able to safely transport all of our members, staff, performance equipment, props, and luggage at one time. Since traveling to Florida to Ohio in one day is a big feat, being able to travel safely all together would make the experience much simpler, and more enjoyable. Not only would a charter bus provide one vehicle to transport everything and everyone we need, it would also provide an opportunity for the team and staff to experience World Championships together. 

If you have or have not previously donated - would you consider helping us just a little more as we work towards our ultimate goal of WGI World Championships?


Liz Bannon

University of South Florida Colorguard and Winterguard Director

OUR MISSION: We want our athletes to learn to compete because we want them to compete for the best jobs. We want them to learn how to create and maintain a great team culture because we want them to build strong family cultures as professionals and parents. We want them to learn to both lead and follow because our country needs them to be the next generation of leaders, and listeners. We want them to learn to commit and sacrifice because we want them to become great professionals and parents. We want them to learn to be accountable, selfless, disciplined, mentally tough athletes so as professionals and parents they will know how to raise young people who are the same way. We want them to demonstrate integrity, because young people in their lives will learn about integrity by watching them.