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Rifles and Sabres and Flags, Oh My!
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Washington County Winter Guard is a relatively new competitive performing group.  We are made up of students from four different high schools in our county. This will be our second year joining to perform together this year. Because we combine to form one performing ensemble, we are not funded by any of our home school band booster programs. We are completely student funded which can be very challenging in putting together a high quality competitive show when there are some students whose families struggle financially. This year we are faced with the possibility of having to choose between new rifles, flags and sabres or uniforms. It is our hope that through your generous donations we will be able to purchase new rifles, sabres and flags for our show and use our student funds to purchase the uniforms our directors and staff have chosen for us. Being able to purchase these things will allow our staff to put together the quality show we wish to perform and allow them to focus on teaching and instruction rather than how we are going to purchase the items necessary to make the show the best it can be. Thank you so much for considering donating to our group!