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Is #GivingTuesday Worth The Hype?

In this episode, we explore the origins of #GivingTuesday, the ACTUAL benefits to orgs in terms of matching funds, and ways to leverage this single day to your organization's best advantage.


Ep 309 - The Problem(s) with Conventional Fundraising

<p>In this episode, we discuss the (many) issues and limitations with conventional fundraising for arts programs.</p><br><p>'Conventional Fundraising' could be defined as transactions that begin with <strong><em>"Would you mind buying this overpriced thingy to help my kids' band program?..."</em></strong></p><br><p>I also spend a little time reflecting about my own fundraising experiences as a kid in my high school band program, as well as remember an important mentor that left us this week.</p><br><p>NOTE - the car wash in the Episode's image is NOT one of the fundraising tactics that are a part of this issue. In fact I wholeheartedly support car washes for a lot of reason, if for no other reason than the fun and bonding that it brings about.</p>


Ep 308 - Accountability and Staying on Track (for Students)

<p>In this episode, we discuss how students (and grown ups) are moved and motivated by just KNOWING that someone is monitoring, assessing, and measuring the outcome of any task.</p><br><p>We also explore this topic in this associated blog post here - <a href="https://blog.fansraise.com/the-real-reason-students-respond-to-measurement-and-accountability" target="_blank">https://blog.fansraise.com/the-real-reason-students-respond-to-measurement-and-accountability</a></p>


Ep 307 - Skepticism and "Nay-Sayers"

<p>Ever have an exciting idea get "poo-poo-ed" by others in your decision chain?</p><br><p>It stinks, especially when the nay-sayers are operating from a place of irrationality and lack of information.</p><br><p>In this episode, we discuss how to get great ideas off the ground, and build consensus for the things you want to do.</p><br><p>Obviously this applies to a lot more than "FansRaise"...</p>


Ep 306 - Campaign Roll-Out Best Practices for a Great LAUNCH

In this episode we discuss the best tips on rolling out your campaign concept to your participants.


Ep 305 - The HARDEST Part of Fundraising

In this episode we discuss the single most difficult aspect to fundraising. No one ever talks about it, but it dampens your results EVERY time you roll out a new fundraiser for your group.


Ep 304 - Kicking off Fundraising and Band Camp

It's hot and it's late July, and that means BAND CAMP and the kick off to your fundraising!


Ep 303 - Marching Arts, the Most Expensive Sport In America

<p>Wow, this blog post made a bit of an impact this week! We're not judging or otherwise criticizing the expenses needed to be competitive, but those trends are in fact a REAL thing.</p><br><p>The vast majority of readers agree and responded favorably, and a few knucklehead trolls felt otherwise. What do you think?</p><br><p><a href="https://blog.fansraise.com/the-rising-cost-of-the-marching-arts-the-most-expensive-sport-in-america" target="_blank">https://blog.fansraise.com/the-rising-cost-of-the-marching-arts-the-most-expensive-sport-in-america</a></p><br><p>Comment on the blog!</p>


Ep 302 - Bringing Diversity to Your Fundraising Approach

<p>Here's the blog post we reference in this episode - <a href="https://blog.fansraise.com/90-fundraising-ideas-1" target="_blank">https://blog.fansraise.com/90-fundraising-ideas-1</a></p><br><p>Also to download the 90+ list you can grab at right on-page - just pop-in your email address and we'll shoot it to you.</p>


Ep301 - Choose Your Campaign Goal Wisely

<p>It is TREMENDOUSLY important to consider all of the angles when selecting your first campaign's goals.</p><br><p>It might seem natural to allow students to individually crowdfund (for things like activity fees, band trips, tuition for camps and programs, etc), but is THAT the thing that will move the needle the most?</p><br><p>Campaigns that engage 100% (or close to 100%) fo your membership are the ones you want to pursue. In this episode we discuss why that individual campaign might be a horrible idea.</p><br><p><a href="https://blog.fansraise.com/how-this-marching-ensemble-met-a-30000-fundraising-goal-in-a-few-short-weeks" target="_blank">Read this blog post</a> for an example of how effective a capital campaign can be with 100% of your students participating.</p>


Making Your Program More "Business-Friendly"

<p>Accompanying Blog Post - http://blog.fansraise.com/make-your-arts-program-more-corporate-business-friendly</p><br><p>Also mentioned - The Band Parents Guide to Marching Adjudication can be downloaded here - http://info.fansraise.com/band-parents-guide-marching-adjudication</p>


Ep 216 - Scaling Your Crowdfunding Campaign

<p>In this episode, we discuss specific ways to take a good campaign and make it great.</p><br><p>Don't forget to Like and Follow on Facebook - facebook.com/FansRaise</p><p><br></p>


Ep 215 - Band Camp, and DCI Championships

In this episode, we discuss the incredible week that was Drum Corps International Championships. We will also discuss getting your kids into and out of band camp in one piece!


Ep 214 - BandCamp "Preppers"

<p>It's that time of the year again!</p><br><p>Band camp is upon us, and if your program is wrestling with making ends meet, or if your marching show SUDDENLY requires MORE props, costuming, electronics, or guard equipment than you budgeted for - you're in luck.</p><br><p>Visit FansRaise.com for more info.</p>


Ep 213 - Your Questions ANSWERED on Crowdfunding

<p>In this Episode, we review our most commonly asked questions (or at least the ones that have been getting a lot of play lately!)...</p><br><p><strong>First a quick talk about my Mom, and her passing about a week ago at 1:40. </strong></p><p>She was in a position to help me financially get the FansRaise company off the ground, and I take a minute to reflect on her as a "specific" type of band-mom.</p><br><p>How Big A Group Do I Need For Crowdfunding? - <strong>7:45</strong></p><p>How Long Should My Campaign Last? - <strong>14:00</strong></p><p>Biggest Mistakes That Group Make? - <strong>16:43</strong></p><p>Why Not Run a GoFundMe Campaign? - <strong>23:10</strong></p>


Ep 212 - Crowdfunding Should NOT Be Begging

It isn't begging, when planned and executed correctly...

<p>A well-organized and coordinated crowdfunding campaign takes on the dimension of a well-orchestrated fundraising effort. It's run from the top-down, executively-endorsed and distinctly organized. At it's peak, the campaign ought to instill a sense of confidence and stability.</p><br><p>Blog post - http://blog.fansraise.com/its-drum-corps-season-so-commence-the-gfm-begging</p>


Ep 211 - Challenging Students to REALLY Understand the Costs of Your Program

<p>In this episode, we explore how to get students thinking about the real, total costs of your program, and why it's important</p><br><p>To most kids, the true cost of putting a production on stage, or a marching show on the football field is incomprehensible. A fuller understanding about what it REALLY takes in terms of budget and resources is key to building true student ownership.</p>


Ep 210 - Crowdfunding Can't Be A "Dependent" of Your Org's Fundraising Culture

<p>In this episode, we discuss the importance of setting a crowdfunding campaign APART from typical, garden-variety fundraisers that normally are elective or "optional".</p><br><p>Our "$10,000 Blueprint" illustrates how arts organizations can engage with students and families to tackle big fundraising goals. I different mindset towards fundraising is needed (this is not your obligatory candy sale)...</p><br><p><a href="http://info.fansraise.com/10k-blueprint-performing-arts-crowdfunding" target="_blank">http://info.fansraise.com/10k-blueprint-performing-arts-crowdfunding</a></p>


Ep 209 - Donor Psychology, and Why Donors Do What They Do

<p>Understanding how and why donors decide to engage with fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns is key to developing successful campaigns for your performing ensemble.</p><br><p>If you are interested in viewing the webinar recording on-demand referenced in this episode - you can access it here - <a href="http://info.fansraise.com/donor-psychology-april-webinar" target="_blank">http://info.fansraise.com/donor-psychology-april-webinar</a></p>


Ep 208 - Parent and Booster Friction in Your Arts Program

Well, it's not a good thing but it happens. Whether the friction is booster-on-booster or possibly anti-program or anti-director, this short form episode will examine the root causes, and how to avoid these issues.


Ep 207 - The 5 Things Your Crowdfunding Campaign MUST Have

<p>In this Episode, we cover the 5 things that every crowdfunding campaign needs to consider and cover in order to be successful.</p><br><p>In this episode, we reference our recent published report called "The $10,000 Blueprint" - which is a methodology built to allow a performing ensemble of just about any size to generate $10K in crowdfunded donations.</p><br><p>Again, your mileage may vary as campaign success is highly dependent on several factors.</p><br><p>Here is the <a href="http://info.fansraise.com/10k-blueprint-performing-arts-crowdfunding" target="_blank">link to the report</a> - it's a free download.</p>


Ep 206 - Fundraising From a Student's Perspective

What do students REALLY think about group fundraising?

<p>In this episode, I enlisted the help of Lauren Gilbert, 8th grade band member of her High School marching band, to discuss the student-perspective of fundraising. </p><br><p>She confirms what I already thought to be true - fundraising is often not completely emphasized by the teaching faculty or band staff, and it can often fall by the wayside. It's not for a lack of trying or effort - in fact our own band program does a fantastic job of keeping parents informed.</p><br><p>The students look at things differently, and Lauren helps shine a light on that.</p>


Ep 205 - Adventures in TX and TMEA

In this episode we discuss the TX Music Educators Annual Conference

<p>In this episode I chronicle TMEA's annual conference - what was learned and what FansRaise contributed.</p><br><p>We made mention to the talk that Chris Magonigal and I presented as part of our break-out session on "How to Leverage Crowdfunding as a Team-Building Asset". The dialogue went very well, and we captured the process used by Genesis Drum &amp; Bugle Corps in a Success Story that <a href="http://info.fansraise.com/genesis-casestudy-band-fundraising-ideas" target="_blank">you can download here.</a> </p>


Ep204 - BryanTuk

In Episode 204, Bryan Tuk sits down with us to di…

In Episode 204, Bryan Tuk sits down with us to discuss the arts fundraising landscape, where the opportunities for growth reside, and a few old drum corps war stories.


Ep203 - Student Ownership in Fundraising

Many times, fundraising gets taken for granted by…

Many times, fundraising gets taken for granted by students. We believe that some emphasis on the student-driven responsibilities of fundraising is a worthwhile way to teach ownership and responsibility.Supporting blog posts -Using marching band fundraising to emphasize student ownershiphttp://blog.fansraise.com/using-marching-band-fundraising-to-emphasize-student-ownership"Do I need to involve my students/members in my crowdfunding campaign?"http://blog.fansraise.com/involving-students-in-crowdfunding-campaign


Ep202 - DevinFletcher

This podcast episode features our conversation wi…

This podcast episode features our conversation with Mr. Devin Fletcher, Founder and Executive Director of Imperial Dynasty Performing Arts in New Castle County, Delaware. Devin talked with us about how he transformed a community-based grassroots drill-team into a perennial WGI finalist in a few short years through the use of foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and other financial support.


Funding the Performing Arts Podcast - Ep201

In our inaugural episode, Brian Gilbert (Founder …

In our inaugural episode, Brian Gilbert (Founder and CEO of FansRaise) talks about the goals of this podcast, and how FansRaise is helping performing ensembles around the USA flourish.