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Montezuma-Cortez High School Band Boosters Emergency Fundraiser
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The COVID-19 crisis has impacted each of us on some level, but its effects have been particularly detrimental for the Montezuma-Cortez High School Band Boosters. The M-CHS Band Boosters are a 401(3)C organization comprised of parents, students, and community members that supports the band program throughout the school year. In a typical year, the Boosters contribute approximately $20,000 to the program's working budget, which helps cover a wide variety of expenses, including travel, clinicians, food for students, supplies, equipment, and scholarships for students in need.

Due to the cancellation of most spring and early summer events, the Band Boosters have been unable to conduct their typical fundraising efforts that raise crucial funds during this time of year. As the program prepares to wrap up this school year and prepare for the next, the Boosters are currently operating at a loss of approximately $7,000 that is typically raised through the spring fundraiser and early summer events. These losses are already forcing the program to consider cuts to student activities next fall.

In an effort to mitigate some of these damages, the Band Boosters are reaching out to family, friends, and community for support. Donations made to this fundraiser will help with band program expenses, including:

  • end-of-year awards
  • outstanding bills from the spring
  • instrument repairs
  • band camp expenses
  • equipment needs
  • marching show design
  • student scholarships

Although we are hoping to raise a substantial sum, we know that during these challenging times, every dollar counts, and we thank you for anything that you can contribute to our cause.