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Help Encorps Get Their Trailer READY FOR THE ROAD!
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Encorps is New Jerseys newest Drum Corps!  This is our DEBUT SEASON, and we are an Exhibition Drum Corps, performing at numerous DCI and DCA shows this season. NEXT season, we anticipate becoming a DCI Open Class Drum Corps.

We were fortunate to secure a 48' Moving Trailer for our equipment from Mayflower Movers! However, as you can see, we have a lot of work to do on the outside. We must, by LAW, remove the Mayflower Logo before we take it on major trips to shows...Besides, we don't want to be known as the "Mayflower Marching Music Ensemble" :) 
To do this, the Trailer must be driven to a location where it will be sandblasted to remove the logos and paint, then painted a Gloss Black, and finally, our ENCORPS LOGO Decal installed.

This is where YOU come in, as a friend, or family member, of our members.  We need your help to achieve this goal, as it is very costly to do this work. Our financial goal is the bare minimum we need to make this happen, and of course, ADDITIONAL funds will help us finish the INSIDE of the trailer, and hopefully repair some of the side door locks, which have rusted thru.

Of course, this can NOT happen without your support! We need to raise this money quickly, so we can get the trailer done before it hits the road the last week of June. We humbly ask that you share this as often as you can. We THANK YOU for your contribution. As a token of our gratitude, here's what you will receive in return for your generous donation!

  • $50 Donation: "Encorps 2018 Debut Season" Gold T Shirt
  • $75 Donation: "Encorps 2018 Debut Season" Gold T Shirt, plus, 8 X10 Glossy Photo 2018 Encorps 
  • $150 or MORE: Donation: Name on Trailer, Gold T Shirt, 8 X10 Glossy Photo 2018 Encorps